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Own Your Role with Dino Watt

Oct 30, 2023

Welcome to the Own Your Role podcast! In this episode, Dino has a captivating conversation with Knolly Williams, known as "The Business Healer." Knolly has honed a unique methodology that can help you reclaim 3 hours a day, focusing on two core priorities while effectively delegating the rest. His journey from helping his father at the age of 12 to a successful music career and, later, becoming one of Austin, Texas's top real estate agents, offers incredible insights.

Today, Knolly empowers business leaders, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs to rekindle their passion and realign with their internal compass. His business healing method guides you in systemizing, organizing, automating, and delegating, enabling financial, temporal, and geographical freedom. Join us for this enlightening episode to learn how you can transform your business and achieve unprecedented success with Knolly Williams.

Feeling inspired to give yourself a 3 hour work week? Make sure to connect with Knolly (@knollywilliams) and tell him you heard him on Own Your Role!