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Own Your Role with Dino Watt

Nov 13, 2023

Welcome to another exciting episode of Own Your Role! Today, Dino has the pleasure of speaking with Suman Cherry, CEO of Cherry Talent Group. Suman takes us on a journey through her entrance into the world of talent recruitment, shedding light on the various types of recruiters employed by companies. From executive search firms to in-house talent acquisition teams, she provides a nuanced understanding of the recruitment landscape.

The episode further unravels as Suman shares invaluable tips for the audience, emphasizing the significance of aligning company values with potential hires. Beyond the conventional checklist, she highlights the importance of comprehending a company's essence and unique selling points to secure the perfect fit. Whether you're an employer seeking the ideal candidate or a professional navigating the competitive job market, Suman Cherry's insights offer a holistic perspective on recruitment, making this episode essential listening for those invested in the world of talent acquisition and career advancement.

Feeling inspired to find your next hire? Make sure to connect with Suman and tell her you heard her on Own Your Role!