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Own Your Role with Dino Watt

Dec 18, 2023

In this episode of Own Your Role, host Dino delves into the world of business buying with a captivating conversation featuring Richard Parker, the visionary founder of Diomo Corporation – The Business Buyer Resource Center™ and acclaimed author of the How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price© series. Richard takes us on a journey through his remarkable life, sharing anecdotes from his early teens when he first ventured into buying and selling businesses. From the highs to the lows, he provides a candid account of his experiences and the valuable lessons learned along the way.


As the discussion unfolds, Richard sheds light on a common challenge faced by aspiring business buyers – the lack of awareness regarding what to look for in the process. Drawing from his extensive expertise, he emphasizes the importance of guiding clients through the proper steps of business acquisition, empowering them to make informed decisions and ultimately achieve success in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Join us in this insightful episode as Richard Parker demystifies the art of buying businesses and imparts invaluable wisdom for those seeking to navigate this intricate terrain.


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