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Own Your Role with Dino Watt

Jan 29, 2024

Welcome back to another episode of Own Your Role! In today's installment, Dino sits down with the accomplished Dr. Amy Jackson Board-Certifiedfied Orthodontist and the visionary of Retainers for Life. Dr. Amy shares the story of her journey from the challenges she faced in her primary orthodontic practice to the innovative solution she devised. Faced with obstacles in the retainer-making process that were impacting her day-to-day business operations, Dr. Amy conceptualized Retainers for Life—a game-changing approach that provides patients with an Amazon-like replacement experience after completing their orthodontic treatment.

Discover how Dr. Amy not only addressed the changing preferences of patients, who now seek fewer in-person appointments and more virtual treatment options, but also granted them the gift of valuable free time. Join Dino as he gains insights into Dr. Amy's entrepreneurial journey, her commitment to patient-centric care, and the transformative impact of Retainers for Life in the field of orthodontics.

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