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Own Your Role with Dino Watt

Oct 17, 2019

Sharon Dolak, MDR, RDH, specializes in mediating team conflicts and teaching dental workplace communication techniques that reduce tension, salvage professional relationships, and help resolve costly, chronic disputes. Sharon received her mediation certificate in 2006 from Texas Woman’s University and her mediation dispute resolution from Mediators Without Borders. In 2013, Sharon completed Mediation Dynamics training that satisfies the standards of the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable and Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, the highest credentials for mediators in the state of Texas. A practicing registered dental hygienist for more than 30 years, she teaches a unique blend of evidence-based mediation skills and real-world, practical insights gleaned from experiences in the dental world. Sharon offers in-house mediation to dental practices throughout the United States. She also offers Be Your Own Mediator, an engaging presentation that teaches the team to resolve conflict in the office and home.

“Sharon has an unusual ability to analyze a process or situation, especially those involving human interactions, getting quickly to the heart of the matter, then facilitating positive change for individuals and groups. She is perceptive, passionate about working with people, and constructive and effective in every interaction.  Sharon demonstrates an ability to communicate and relate to others in a way that was challenging, supportive, and highly effective for her clients, who quickly responded to her insights, sincerity and encouragement. “-R Sheehan

Sharon specializes in reducing states of tension and getting long-term intractable disputes resolved for people who want to be or must be involved in an ongoing personal, professional, or business relationships. In her mediation practice she provides a forum and an atmosphere for authentic communication where parties gain understanding, become understood, and work collaboratively to explore options for resolution.

“What is noticeable about Sharon is her character, her commitment to her work, her own career and personal growth, and her faith.  She has already overcome a number of significant challenges in life, refusing to accept daunting circumstances and constantly searching for and finding ways to improve herself, her life, and the lives of her children. Her values include integrity, commitment, a very strong work ethic, and the determination to continuously improve through helping others to do the same.”  



Conflict when handled correctly can propel your practice forward. Here is how you can resolve conflict in your practice:  

  1. Acknowledge the presence of a problem. Do not avoid it.
  2. Address the issue immediately and proactively. Do not wait.
  3. Understand the other person’s perspective or opinion.



Three Impossible Promises: The inspiring true story of Olympic Gold and how Organizational Culture Means Everything by Gerry Preece and Lynne Ruhl



Dino Watt is a dynamic, highly sought after keynote speaker, private practice business advisor, best selling author, and certified body language and communication expert.

As a business relationship expert, Dino understands that people are the heart of any business. His interactive training style will bring your audience to roaring laughter and move them to tears. Whether he is training on C.O.R.E Culture, Sales and Sales Support, or Making love and business work, your audience will rave about Dino and the energy he brings to every event.

Dino has spoken for MKS, American Association of Orthodontists, PCSO, Pitts Progressive Study Group, The Shulman Study Club, Keller Williams, Sotheby’s, DentalTown, Ortho2, OrthoVoice, and many others.

Out of all the accolades Dino has received, the one he is proudest of is title of PHD, Passionate Husband and Dad. Dino has been married to his wife Shannon for 24 years and together they have raised 3 amazing adults.