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Own Your Role with Dino Watt

May 19, 2020


Laura Cafik-Martin

Laura Cafik-Martin is a Master Treatment Coordinator, Speaker, Coach, and Practice Management Consultant. Prior to launching Cafik-Martin Coaching, Laura worked as a Treatment Coordinator with Dr. Willy Dayan for 15 years at City Orthodontics in Toronto. The two collaborated and developed a unique communication and presentation style that exceeded the industries expectations. In 2014, Laura joined Orthodontic Clinical Education Corp. (OCEC) attending orthodontic meetings, presenting at industry conferences to educate and motivate teams. Laura quickly became recognized for her effective an enthusiastic teaching methods and started visiting orthodontic clinics to help grow teams bottom line.

Laura brings 20+ years of experience in multiple disciplines in the dental and orthodontic fields. In addition to possessing motivational skills and techniques that improve team synergy, patient experience and creating increased referral flow, Laura is HARP certified and highly knowledgeable in iTero, digital scanning, and dental photography. Her business acumen combined with her motivational skills and techniques has led to her success as a results-oriented mentor in all aspects of the orthodontic practice.


Stacey Bagwell

Stacey is the Remote Virtual TC at Waldman Orthodontics and SmileSnap Integration Specialist. She absolutely loves getting to know new patients and their stories. She enjoys following them through treatment and seeing the final results. Stacey always says that it is hard to consider this "work" when she gets to work with such a great staff in such a rewarding field.

Stacey has three kids: a 13 year old and 11 year old twins. She loves riding her bike around Santa Monica, going to the beach, and reading. She is also a HUGE fan of college football-forever devoted to her UGA dawgs!


Nicole Pruitt

Nicole comes from a corporate background with over 14 years of experience making sure that her clients were well taken care of. Nicole is the Director of Operations for Dr. David Boschken’s offices. She has overseen 85% close rate on new patients each month, with 70% Invisalign starts currently. Nicole has been integral in growing Dr. Boschken’s revenue over $1 million year over year for the last five years.


Kim Gordon

Kim is the orthodontic treatment coordinator at Lupi orthodontics. She has been with Lupi Orthodontics for over 24 years, 14 years of which as a Treatment Coordinator.



How do you get people to agree to be enrolled and come to the office?

  1. Educate people while they are at home the importance of orthodontic treatment on their overall health.
  2. Set the stage. Don’t ASK people, instead TELL people what to do.
  3. Shorten your virtual consults.


For more information and queries you can reach them at:

  1. Laura Cafik- Martin – visit her website at
  2. Stacy Bagwell – email
  3. Nicole Pruitt – email
  4. Kim Gordon – email



Dino Watt is a dynamic, highly sought after keynote speaker, private practice business advisor, best selling author, and certified body language and communication expert.

As a business relationship expert, Dino understands that people are the heart of any business. His interactive training style will bring your audience to roaring laughter and move them to tears. Whether he is training on C.O.R.E Culture, Sales and Sales Support, or Making love and business work, your audience will rave about Dino and the energy he brings to every event.

Dino has spoken for MKS, American Association of Orthodontists, PCSO, Pitts Progressive Study Group, The Shulman Study Club, Keller Williams, Sotheby’s, DentalTown, Ortho2, OrthoVoice, and many others.

Out of all the accolades Dino has received, the one he is proudest of is title of PHD, Passionate Husband and Dad. Dino has been married to his wife Shannon for 24 years and together they have raised 3 amazing adults.